Due to a cancellation I have one male puppy available

born November 10th 2018

lovely boy, super friendly and active 😁


Mature retired desexed dogs sometimes available to experienced spitz owners. Available in SA only.

Dogs are sold as family companionpets only..to be de-sexed.

Here are a few basic questions to answer when contacting me..

* Pups are sold to be de-sexed, are you happy to do that?

*Pups don't like to be left alone too much, is there someone home most of the time or another animal companion?

* Is your yard secure and escape proof!

*Have you had this type of dog before if not what dog experience do you have?

*These dogs are very intelligent and active they can, and do become very destructive
 if not give some basic training, are you happy to do this?

* This is a double coated breed and can drop a lot of hair around the home, we do not recommend having them clipped as this damages the coat, you are better to groom daily and get right down to the skin to keep the coat knot free.
are you happy with this?

Please consider these things before contacting me.

Pups will be sold to approved homes only

Ireserve the right to not sell a puppy to anyone for any reason, at any time. In the event of this occurring a full Deposit will be refunded by myself .